Jul 012011

It was May, 2005 and I was wandering the net checking out artists’ blogs. I was specifically focused on sketchbooks. I wanted to see how others use their sketchbooks and how much detail they include and how often they work in them. I came across Joanna Powell Colbert’s blog and was captivated. She was creating a tarot deck based on Earth Spirituality and featuring people of all variations set in the beautiful landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. From that day in 2005 until today I have followed Joanna’s words and art and watched the birth of this amazing deck, The Gaian Tarot.

I probably read her blog for a year before I commented on any of her posts and she was so warm and friendly that we started to communicate that way. Over time we became friends and we actually met in person at The Readers Studio in 2009. Last March the limited edition of the deck became available and I snapped one up. This September the mass market version of the deck will be released to the public by Llewellyn. Joanna has gladly and graciously given her permission for me to use the Gaian Tarot as my deck of the month for July.

This weekend I will be reading with this deck at The Great American Weekend come on by and see it in person. If you can’t make it to Goshen, NY you can stroll through the deck on the Gaian Tarot site.

I’ll post a review on Tuesday.

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