What are Sacred Soul Paintings


Sacred Soul Paintings are magical, talismanic pieces of art created with intention.

The imagery and color choices are deliberate and align with the intent of each piece.

The intent is decided by you.

Whether the painting is dedicated to empowering a goal, an ideal, an affirmation, or to honor an entity, the process is basically the same:

~ You and I discuss what your Sacred Soul Painting is to accomplish

~ We agree on which symbols signify this to you. This includes colors and an item or two that speak to you.

~ We create clear statements of intent for your painting’s purpose

Then I get to work.

All the work is done in my studio which is my sacred space.

The substrate on which your painting will live is first blessed and dedicated to you. Then the statements become sigils and those sigils and symbols are applied to the painting. This is timed in line with the energies that support your desired outcome.

During a meditation I focus on your painting and its purpose and receive the images to create for you. These get drawn and painted on the substrate.

The entire process takes a few weeks.

Once complete your painting is lovingly packaged and sent on its way home to you. Display it however you please and let the subtle energy work its magic on you.


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