May 042011

Tarot is an amazing tool for clarity and guidance and I am honored to read the cards for others. Should you choose to have a reading with me I’d like to make clear who I am and what I’m about. These are in no particular order.

~ I will be honest and clear with my clients. I will answer your questions to the best of my ability. What I see in the cards is what I tell you. If there is anything you don’t understand I will do my best to clarify it for you. 

~ I will honestly represent my qualifications, abilities, education and association memberships.   

~ I will respect your privacy and keep confidential your name, your reading and anything we shared or discussed during a reading unless you choose otherwise. Understand, there is no legal privilege between us but, short of a subpoena ordering my testimony in court, your secrets are safe with me.

~ I will treat all my clients fairly and respectfully regardless of race, color, sexual preference, religion, and political leanings. I seek to create a peaceful space of non-judgement and compassion in which to do the reading.

~ I will only read for the person requesting the reading. I will not pry into the affairs of those not present for the reading.

~ I will act in the best interest of my client not causing or seeking to cause harm.

~ I will always give my client my full attention during a reading.

~ I do not predict the future. What references may come up regarding future events are only possibilities based on the present situation. Your exercise of free will, decisions you make and actions you take determine your future.

~ I do not predict the winning lottery numbers, outcomes of games or races.

~ I do not put curses on people, take curses off people or require you to have any more readings from me if you choose not to.

~ I respect that there are other readers who do things differently than I do.

~ I am not licensed to practice medicine, law or psychiatry so I do not give medical, legal or psychiatric advice.

~  I seek to help my client by working to make this an empowering experience.

~ I respect my clients’ right to terminate the reading.

~ There are no hidden fees. I will be upfront about the cost and duration of a reading before we begin.

~ I reserve the right to refuse to read for anyone if I feel it violates my code of ethics.

~ I will continue my training and education seeking to provide the best readings of which I am capable.

~ In accordance with the laws of New York State I will provide Tarot readings for entertainment purposes only.


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