Jul 142011

Tarot is such a fantastic tool for finding your way, getting clear about what you want and refocusing on what’s important.  A daily draw can advise you about your day and a periodic full reading can guide you for months.

Catherine Chapman of Tarot Elements posted a wonderful blog post explaining her Vision Spread http://www.tarotelements.com/tarot-spreads/vision-spread/ (the blog is still being ornery) and how to use it to focus on and achieve your goals.

From Tarot Elements:

“What is the Vision Spread

The Tarot Elements Vision Spread is a new way to approach Goal Setting. It incorporates Life Coaching models and techniques, the Tarot and some innovative Tarot reading techniques too. It’s a pro-active way to look at your future because it helps you achieve your goals and not just dream about them.”

Check it out! Catherine is a genius.

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